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In an era where digital footprints dictate success, recruiters need to stay ahead of the curve. With job seekers today being as internet savvy as ever, it’s time for recruitment strategies to evolve. Enter TikTok – a social media platform that comprises over 1 billion active monthly users. It’s turning heads, not just with dance routines and cooking tips, but as a novel stage for recruitment.

This article uncovers the potential of TikTok as a recruitment tool, providing a roadmap to boost your employer brand and engage with a new pool of talent. From why TikTok merits your attention to the best practices for maximum engagement, let’s navigate the intriguing world of recruitment marketing on TikTok.

In this article we will:

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Why you should consider TikTok for recruitment marketing

As a recruitment professional, the value of using social media in hiring strategies is nothing new. Yet, TikTok’s unique blend of features takes this to a whole new level.

The rise of TikTok in recruitment marketing

TikTok’s soaring popularity, particularly amongst the younger demographic, makes it an ideal channel to reach out to fresh, vibrant talent. Furthermore, the authentic and personal nature of the content posted on TikTok allows for a deeper, more meaningful connection with potential candidates.

Benefits of using TikTok for recruitment

When it comes to recruitment, TikTok is so popular that 79% of job seekers have used social media in their job search in the last year. With its massive global user base, your employer brand can reach a much wider audience. Furthermore, the platform’s format encourages organic, viral content, giving even smaller companies a chance to make a big impact.

Here’s some important benefits to understand when considering TikTok for employer branding:

Access to a global talent pool

TikTok’s user base spans the globe, giving you access to a diverse and international talent pool. This can significantly broaden your recruitment reach and diversify your workforce.

Attracting young talent

With a large proportion of TikTok users falling into the 16-24 age demographic, it’s an ideal platform for reaching out to young talent. If your organisation is seeking fresh, innovative minds, TikTok can be a prime resource.

Enhancing employer brand visibility

TikTok’s short, engaging videos can quickly go viral, dramatically enhancing your brand visibility. This increased visibility can attract more potential candidates and foster a positive employer brand.

Cost-effective recruitment

With the right content, you can reach thousands, if not millions, of users on TikTok without spending a penny. This makes it a highly cost-effective addition to your recruitment marketing mix.

Facilitating authentic engagement

TikTok’s format encourages authentic, personal content. This can foster deeper engagement with potential candidates, allowing you to form genuine connections and give a realistic insight into your company culture.

TikTok Employer branding Happy group of people looking at a laptop StudySmarter
TikTok’s unique mix of features can take your employer branding efforts on social media to a whole new level.

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When to consider TikTok for recruitment

Understanding when to leverage TikTok in your recruitment strategy is essential. This involves a keen understanding of your target audience and the organisation’s hiring goals.

Assessing your audience

The demographics of TikTok users lean towards the younger generation. Thus, if you’re looking to attract fresh graduates or early-career professionals, TikTok could be an invaluable tool.

Aligning TikTok with your recruitment goals

Integrating TikTok into your recruitment strategy should align with your overall hiring objectives. It’s essential to consider factors like the kind of roles you’re hiring for and the cultural fit you’re seeking.

Understanding the TikTok algorithm for recruitment

To optimise your recruitment efforts on TikTok, it’s vital to comprehend how the platform’s algorithm works.

The science behind TikTok algorithm

The TikTok algorithm is designed to promote content that users find engaging and relevant. It takes into account various factors, including the details of the videos you share, user interactions, and video information.

Leveraging TikTok’s algorithm for your recruitment strategy

Understanding the workings of the TikTok algorithm can help tailor your recruitment content for maximum visibility. Creating engaging, relevant content and using appropriate hashtags can significantly enhance your reach.

Ways to use TikTok to boost your employer brand

Boosting your employer brand on TikTok involves a mix of creativity, authenticity, and a keen understanding of what resonates with the TikTok audience.

Showcasing company culture

Using TikTok to showcase your company culture can help potential candidates visualise what it’s like to work for your organisation. If an average of 53% of TikTok users say they trust others to be their real selves on TikTok, being transparent and authentic about what it’s like to work at the organisation by showing snippets from the workday, sharing employee testimonials, or encouraging team activities, is more important than ever.

Engaging in trending challenges

Participating in trending challenges on TikTok can increase your visibility on the platform while showcasing your company as modern and in touch with current trends.

TikTok Employer Branding Woman making video on phone StudySmarter
Participating in TikTok challenges and trends can portray your company as in touch and modern.

Utilising effective hashtags

Strategic use of hashtags can significantly enhance the reach of your content. It’s crucial to use relevant and popular hashtags to tap into the platform’s vast user base.

Creating interactive content

TikTok thrives on interaction. Encouraging user engagement through comments, shares, and likes can significantly boost your visibility on the platform.

TikTok do’s and don’ts

TikTok is an excellent platform for recruitment marketing, but it requires a keen understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Here are some guidelines:

The Do’sThe Don’ts
Embrace Authenticity: The hallmark of TikTok is its authenticity. Candidates appreciate real, unfiltered glimpses into your company. Share the real stories, whether it’s celebrating a team member’s birthday, hosting a virtual meeting, or a behind-the-scenes look at your workspace.Don’t Overlook Your Audience: TikTok’s user demographic leans towards a younger audience. Ensure that your content is designed to resonate with this group. Trying to force content that appeals to a different demographic could lead to poor engagement.
Utilise Trending Hashtags: Incorporate trending hashtags relevant to your content. This simple strategy can maximise your visibility and attract more potential candidates.Don’t Make It All About Business: Remember, TikTok users are there primarily for entertainment. Keep your content light, engaging, and fun. If every post is just about job openings or corporate achievements, you may quickly lose your audience’s interest.
Engage with Your Audience: TikTok thrives on interaction. Make sure to respond to comments on your posts, participate in challenges, and engage with user-generated content that resonates with your brand.

Best practices for engagement and interaction on TikTok

Mastering engagement on TikTok can significantly enhance your recruitment efforts on the platform. Here are some tips:

Crafting authentic content

TikTok users value authenticity above all else. Ensure your content is genuine, and don’t be afraid to show the fun side of your organisation.

Building connections through engagement

Engage with the comments on your posts. Responding to comments can foster a sense of connection with potential candidates and enhance your employer brand.

Consistency and timing

Regular posting is key to maintaining visibility on TikTok. Consider your target audience’s active hours and try to post during those times for maximum engagement.

TikTok employer branding examples

For inspiration, look no further than these successful TikTok employer branding examples.

Washington Post

The Washington Post has mastered the art of creating engaging and entertaining content that also showcases their work culture.

TikTok Employer branding Screenshot of Washington Post's account StudySmarter

They effortlessly blend humour with behind-the-scenes footage, showing prospective employees a fun and vibrant work environment.


Guess used TikTok to host their ‘#InMyDenim’ challenge, which invited users to post videos of their transformations using Guess denim.

TikTok Employer Branding Screenshot of Guess TikTok account StudySmarter

The challenge garnered more than 38 million views, significantly boosting their brand visibility.


Chipotle regularly uses TikTok to highlight their workplace culture. With videos showcasing their employees having fun at work, they successfully convey a vibrant and inclusive workplace.

TikTok Employer Branding Screenshot of Chipotle's TikTok account StudySmarter

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