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 Achieve unmatched brand and recruitment success by boosting your brand exposure and engagement.

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Maximize CTRs by positioning directly in the learning process of our students

We communicate your brand to the most engaged learners within your target audience and position your campaigns across their entire learning process to maximize relevant touchpoints. High relevancy and seamless integrations lead to best-in-class CTRs and traffic.


Boost your brand exposure and engagement on Europe’s largest learning platform

Whether in our app’s quizzes,  in between flashcards or in lecture slides – we make sure that our student community have fun interacting with our gamified ads that will make your brand memorable

Our gamified in-app ads get 10x higher conversion rates compared to industry standards.

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Build sustainable brand awareness, smarter than ever before

Our algorithms not only distribute your brand materials to relevant candidates, they also provide insights into what communication works best for your target group and deliver ongoing optimization to ensure optimal performance. Furthermore, we enable you to make data-driven decisions through continuous A/B testing of your media and strategy

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Reach the largest, most talented and active student community in Europe.

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Our audience:

  • High-School Students
  • Apprentices
  • University Students
  • Graduates

Work together with one of our campaign managers who will create a tailored plan for you

  • You don’t need to be an expert across all recruiting and advertising platforms. Your campaign manager has got you covered!!
  • We carry out ongoing reporting to track your desirable KPIs
  • We create high-performance creatives so you don’t have to!

Best-in-class targeting and positioning

Position your brand directly in the learning process of millions of students

On StudySmarter, we seamlessly integrate your brand into your target audience’s learning process. Whether in between flashcards, notes, lecture slides or as a learning success screen – we make sure to connect your brand only with relevant learners.

StudySmarter communicates your brand and messaging to the relevant target audience

Everyone learns on StudySmarter, no matter which demographic, study field, university or school. We are the go-to learning platform for every student. StudySmarter communicates your brands to the relevant target audience.

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