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Position your recruiting campaigns in the learning process of your relevant target audience and fill your open positions in the most efficient way possible.

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Employer branding

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Improve your recruiting efficiency with our job portal for students, graduates and apprentices

Your relevant target audience is active on StudySmarter and exploring their next career move on the StudySmarter Job Portal. With StudySmarter’s lead generation and ad placements we ensure that your brand and job offers are noticed.

Gen Z recruiting

Maximize reach and traffic advertising on our learning app, social media and Google

StudySmarter helps your company reach qualified early talent using a multi-channel advertising approach that targets passive and active candidates .  The key is to ensure that your brand remains visible to your target audience, even if they are not proactively seeking a job!

Hiring gen Z talent

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We will help you achieve your recruiting and employer branding goals.

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Benefit from our advanced targeting options and reach 21 million European students and early talent who interact with our website and learning app

StudySmarter allows your company to attract, connect and engage with millions of students through running ads in our own learning app. We can expand your reach by running multi-channel advertising on other relevant websites and social media channels used by Generation Z.

Multichannel recruiting

Find early talent with advanced targeting options on our platform used by millions of users.

The StudySmarter ecosystem includes a learning app, a job portal, and one of the most well-known educational websites with millions of monthly interactions. To ensure that your company is noticed by our active community, we provide you with optimal audience segmentation options:

  • by study program
  • by age
  • by education institution
  • By gender
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Best-in-class targeting and positioning

Position your brand directly in the learning process of millions of students

On StudySmarter, we seamlessly integrate your brand into your target audience’s learning process. Whether in between flashcards, notes, lecture slides or as a learning success screen – we make sure to connect your brand only with relevant learners.

StudySmarter communicates your brand and messaging to the relevant target audience

Everyone learns on StudySmarter, no matter which demographic, study field, university or school. We are the go-to learning platform for every student. StudySmarter communicates your brands to the relevant target audience.

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