Crucial Insights from Employee Reviews in the UK: Building Stronger Brands

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In the UK, Employee reviews are vital for a business. Employee reviews are written by employees, stating their opinion on what it is like to work for the company. These reviews allow employees to provide feedback, which can benefit a company by enabling them to analyse the input and decide how to acknowledge the review. They also provide the company with the opportunity to improve their public perception by addressing negative reviews, which can be part of an employer branding strategy.

This article will:

Employer ratings

When it comes to attracting and retaining top talent, employer rating plays a crucial role in shaping your brand’s reputation. Potential candidates are increasingly turning to employee reviews to gain insights into companies and make informed decisions about their career choices.

While employer ratings can be immensely beneficial, they also present challenges that require attention and proactive management. It’s essential to listen to employee feedback and take action to address any underlying issues. This demonstrates your commitment to continuous improvement and showcases your dedication to creating a positive work environment.

For instance, suppose multiple employee reviews express concerns about limited career advancement opportunities within your organisation. In that case, it’s an opportunity to review your talent development programs, provide clearer growth paths, or implement mentorship initiatives. By actively addressing these challenges, you can turn negative feedback into positive change, ultimately enhancing your employer brand and attracting top talent.

As an employer, you can use employee reviews to:

  • Understand how their employees find working for their business and look for ways of improvement.
  • Attract additional talent in the form of further employees as part of their recruitment strategy.
  • Demonstrate a healthy business environment where employees feel supported and recognised.

Company reviews by employees

Customers search for reviews when buying goods and services. Similarly, potential employees also look at reviews when applying for a job. These are employee reviews, which are written by employees of a company job seekers may be interested in working for.

These types of reviews allow potential employees to see how well-supported employees are at the company they’re interested in. Employee reviews also offer honest opinions of the company and therefore make the company appear more trustworthy.

Consequently, it is essential that you, as a company, have reviews from your employees. Employee reviews allow your business to be viewed in a positive light.

Asking your employees for reviews

So, how do you ask your employees to leave company reviews?

To gather valuable company reviews from employees, it’s essential to actively encourage and provide opportunities for feedback. Creating a culture that values employee voices fosters a sense of engagement and empowerment.

Encourage open dialogue: Promote open dialogue and transparent communication channels to ensure employees feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and experiences.

Recognise and acknowledge contributions: Regularly recognise and acknowledge employee contributions to show appreciation for their efforts and foster a positive work environment.

By implementing these strategies, you can encourage your employees to share their experiences and contribute to building a stronger employer brand. Remember, the more authentic and positive reviews you receive, the greater the impact on attracting and retaining top talent.

Let’s take a look at the dos and don’ts of employee reviews.

Carefully write a message that explains that you would appreciate it if they could write an honest company review.Ask your employees to leave positive reviews, which could appear suspicious and make your employees feel pressured.
Request employee reviews around times of positive milestones, such as anniversaries, promotions, and special events.Request employee reviews when team morale is down.
Make sure to respond to the reviews.Ignore negative reviews. It is essential to show that you listen to employees’ opinions to maintain the talent you have hired.

How to respond to negative employee reviews

Negative reviews from employees are an inevitable part of every business journey, irrespective of the company’s accomplishments and successes. Encountering negative feedback might be uncomfortable, but these are golden opportunities for growth and improvement. Your response to these reviews should embody the principles of sincerity, transparency, and genuine consideration.

Step 1: Say thank you

The very first step when dealing with a negative review is to express gratitude towards the employee. This might seem counterintuitive but thanking the reviewer for their honesty and the time taken to provide feedback can help establish an open, respectful atmosphere. It conveys a message of value and recognition, showing the reviewer – and anyone else who reads it – that the company appreciates both positive and negative feedback as it strives to build a better workplace.

Step 2: Acknowledge the concerns

Next, it is crucial to acknowledge their concerns. Avoid using dismissive or defensive language. Instead, validate their experiences and feelings, demonstrating that you genuinely understand their perspective. This understanding will allow you to properly address their concerns, affirming that their voice is not just heard but is also considered in decision-making.

Step 3: Outline next steps

After understanding their viewpoint, it is key to outline the steps that the company plans to take to rectify the issue. It is not enough to simply express understanding; action is what really matters. Share, to the extent possible, the initiatives or measures being taken to ensure that the problem doesn’t occur in the future. Be concise but specific, so the reviewer can see that you take their feedback seriously.

Bonus: The cultural impact of your response

At the same time, it’s important to remember that your response is not only for the employee who left the review but also serves as a window into your organisation’s values and culture for potential candidates. A balanced, thoughtful response sends a powerful message that your organisation is open to criticism, values its employees, and is committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment.

According to Glassdoor, 65% of job seekers say their perception of a company improves after seeing an employer respond to a review. This statistic illustrates the immense potential of employer responses in shaping company perception and building an attractive employer brand. It shows that a company’s communication, especially its willingness to address criticism openly and constructively, can significantly influence its attractiveness to potential candidates.

Dealing with negative employee reviews can be a challenging yet rewarding process. By embracing a culture of transparency, appreciation, and thoughtful action in response to feedback, companies can use it to reinforce their employer brand and drive forward their commitment to their employees.

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Despite what you might think, negative employee reviews are actually a great opportunity for you.

Importance of employee reviews

Employee reviews have value to both employees and employers.

Having many reviews from your employees on sites such as, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Facebook is crucial. This is because job searchers read up to 10 reviews until they find what they perceive to be a trustworthy company.

To attract talent, you want to have opinions from current and previous employees on your review page. Reviews should be written regularly, so there should be not only recent but older reviews. This indicates that the company is up-to-date and presents a strong connection with employees.

So, what are the benefits of employee reviews?

  • Attracts additional talent
  • It helps retain the talent you have already acquired in employees
  • Increases online presence
  • Provides feedback

Gaining various insights and opinions of a company is vital to potential employees/jobseekers because it provides a chance to see what it might be like working there from multiple views.

Online employee reviews also increase your company’s online presence. Which can help increase the amount of talent your business will attract. Additionally, these reviews help to retain the talent you have already gained in current employees. As your business increases its online presence, employees are more likely to want to stay, as the company is seen as positive.

Ultimately, employee reviews provide direct feedback regarding the company from your employees. This allows you to examine what is working well and what might need improving to maximise your company’s ability. It also prevents you from making any similar mistakes in the future.

Positive reviews motivate a company and help maintain a sustainable business that works hard and has a positive image.

Good company reviews by employees

You may want to know what good company reviews by employees look like. So let’s take a look.

Good reviews will:

  • Be recent
  • Have repeated patterns of praise
  • Mention positive and negative aspects truthfully, but include more positive than negative aspects

Employee review example

An example of an employee review will include positives regarding elements of the company.

We like this example because the review feels honest and authentic. It is clear that the reviewer feels confident outlining both the strengths and weaknesses they see at work. The employee states that the company welcomes feedback and is open to improvement, and what better proof than the review itself? Moreover, there is a long list of elements that make the company a good place to work. The reviewer lists the transparency and willingness to listen, which reflect a growth environment that will make many companies attractive. But they also mention the benefits and perks, the team, and the remote policy. All of these together show the culture of the company.

There is also room for improvement as the reviewer states. And this is what makes the review an excellent example. It’s not just an employee praising where they work, but also giving their honest opinion. A review like this, will help future employees see the type of organisation that your company is. They will also trust your improvement efforts more and will feel motivated to go to work somewhere where the employees feel comfortable giving feedback.

You don’t have to wait until the exit interviews to learn what your employees really think. If you have fostered a culture of trust and transparency, they will feel comfortable to give open feedback and they’ll be some of your best advocates.

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